5 Affordable Furniture Ideas to Reflect Your Personality and to Transform Your Bedroom

Discovering your inner self's needs, qualities, and preferences is essential when decorating your home. We explore how you can incorporate your personality into your bedroom to reflect who you are.


At Bokel, we believe that personality should lead the decisions in bedroom design and not just trends and pretty pictures on social media. Extensive research stresses the pivotal role bedroom decor can have on our mental health and the ability to calm and destress us. Here we will explore how you can incorporate your personality into your bedroom to reflect who you are.

Too often, we deprioritise decorating the bedroom. While we may spend a lot of time there, we spend a large amount of this time asleep. How many times do your guests enter the bedroom compared to other rooms in your home? Whether your bedroom has been neglected or needs a little sprucing up, we want to help.

While your bedroom should be a place to relax after a long day, it should also be a positive space to wake up. The psychology of humans is complex. What we perceive as calming and uplifting is not representative of everyone on Earth. Some people thrive from rooms filled with bright colours and funky patterns. Others prefer a more toned-down style, tranquil colours, minimal aesthetic. Crucially your bedroom needs to reflect you and your personality. Admittedly this can get a little tricky when living with a partner. Both of you may need to strike a balance and compromise on a few things each.

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Your bedroom's personality

Before we delve into what your room could be, let’s focus on what it currently is. Think of three keywords to summarise your current bedroom. Now ask yourself, are these words reflective of who you are as a person? For instance, if you are a person who thrives from nature and sentimentality, but your bedroom lacks warmth, greenery and sustainable elements, then maybe you should re-evaluate your space.

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Curating a bedroom around your personality

Curating a bedroom around your personality empowers you to create a space to feel inspired, energised and radiant. Truthfully, this ethos is why I am not a fan of showroom type bedrooms with zero character often, flooding social media and celebrity homes. Before making any changes to your bedroom, you need to understand yourself. The easiest way to do this is to have an internal conversation and ask yourself a series of questions. Are you a sentimental person? What do you consider negative and positive colours? Does clutter stress you out? Are plants too high maintenance for you to care for? The list is endless. Go crazy.

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Discovering your inner self's needs, qualities, and preferences

Discovering your inner self’s needs, qualities, and preferences is essential when decorating your home. Too often, we get so couped up striving to follow a trend or copying #bedroomgoal photos we have seen on social media. On the surface, these interior photos may look nice. But, digging deeper, basing our decisions on these sources alone can end up being a costly mistake. For example, I love the dark painted wall aesthetic. But, I also know that I get de-energised inside dark spaces, particularly for long periods. I need light, soft walls to help energise me, particularly on a gloomy winters day. Can you see how I have based this decision on what works for me and not what I have saved on my Pinterest board?

To help you further and explore this ethos deeper, we have matched together five different qualities and traits with five pieces of furniture.

(Pictured: Our handcrafted Arellano Bedside Table
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5 different qualities and traits with 5 pieces of furniture

1. Literature Lover

All book lovers need a worthy place to store their books- ideally somewhere they can be tucked away and placed on display for all to see. Our Arellano Bedside Table is perfect. It features a single drawer ideal for hiding books and reading snacks. Below, create a mini-library with the spines of your favourite books in the open shelf compartment. Go one step further, and place a stack of them on the spacious tabletop with a vibrant green plant on top. Got a favourite author or poet? There is something very comforting and nurturing about having it nearby in such an intimate and personal space. Using books as room decor can add character to a room, create a homely atmosphere, and reflect who you are.

(Pictured: Our handcrafted Keene Bench in Leopard Print
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2. Adventurous

Not one to play it safe, this personality trait is willing to take risks and create an eclectic interior style. Experiment with different eras, textures, trends, styles, and colours. One cost-efficient way to do this is through our vibrant and patterned Keene Bench. Style it as a standalone piece with a tray and decor pieces, or pair it with a dressing table as a transformative statement piece. Upholstered from a beautiful velvet fabric, Leopard is our favourite, what is yours?

(Pictured: Our handcrafted Digel Bedside Table
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3. Minimalist

Unlike eclectic interior, minimalism involves creating a simple, uncluttered space. A monochromatic pallet is used, with colour reduced as an accent feature. To an extent, this interior style requires a lot of commitment and self-control. It is most certainly not suitable for overly sentimental beings. Hand-crafted from solid mango wood our, Digel Bedside Tables functional design is easy to adjust onto the wall, perfect for small spaces, and two spacious drawers make it excellent for decluttering your room. Opting for a sleek floating bedside table design is affordable and allows you to create the ultimate minimalistic style statement.

(Pictured: Our Bingel Glass Bud Vases in Olive Green
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4. Committed to Sustainability

While I hope that most of us may care about the environment, sustainable consumers are more passionate about where their money goes. They are interested in purchasing sustainably made and ethically produced products designed to stand the test of time. We recognise the importance of being transparent with our consumers about our practices. Recently as part of our commitment to sustainability, we launched an ethical tagging system. On each product’s page on our website, we highlight the ethical tags that apply to that product so you can better understand how that exact product is ethically sourced. These tags are split into three categories; sustainable materials, sustainable packaging, and stand against sweatshops. To illustrate, we awarded our beautiful Bingel Glass Bud Vases with the sustainable glass tag, the gold tier for sustainable packaging, and a tag for complying with our stand against sweatshops initiative. Ideal for adding warmth to a room, group them on a chest of drawers, a dressing table, or bedside tables with a few fresh or dried flower stems.

Light wood writing desk with two drawers and four tapered legs

(Pictured: Our Ellis Writing Desk 1.0 with Cable Access
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5. Tech Advocate

So you have a little free space in your bedroom. Some may prefer a dressing table, others prefer a bookcase, but you’d rather have a desk. Maybe you have one electronic device to set up, two dual monitors or a large gaming computer. Whatever device, you don’t need to compromise on style for practicality. Truthfully, we aren’t all blessed with silent spaces at home outside of the bedroom. This can make it hard to find bedroom desk inspiration. Living in a small two-bedroom flat with a noisy 4-year-old, no study space and an open plan kitchen/living/dining setup, I have experienced this struggle. While elite interior designers may grimace at the thought of putting a desk in a bedroom, we want to prove them wrong. Our Ellis Writing Desk 1.0 with Cable Access allows you to plug in any electronic device with no fuss. Inspired by Nordic design, the stylish desks’ streamline and functional design features a spacious worktop and essential storage space. Pair with a comfortable bold desk chair, and wave goodbye to outdated desks in 2022.

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What can we learn?

Whether your bedroom is part of a small studio space in the city, or it’s an oversized room overlooking the countryside, for many, it is a place we feel deeply connected to. It’s a place that has seen our vulnerabilities, highs, and lows. If you create a bedroom that has no meaning, no soul and no reflection of you or your partner, then it can become a space that fails to soothe, calm, and comfort us during those times we need it. Likewise, if we opt for style over functionality, a bedroom can fail to serve its purpose and unintentionally release stress hormones. Got lots of work to do, but you opted for a quirky large armchair over a desk in the corner of your bedroom? It may accumulate some attention amongst your inner circle or on social media, but it will serve little purpose to your actual life. Rather than designing a bedroom based upon what we want others to perceive as cool, we must listen to our desires, needs, or wants. After all, we are the ones who will spend most of our days entering and exiting the walls of that room.

How will you inject personality into your bedroom? Let us know in the comment section below, and keep us updated on any changes you make to your own home. We would love to see it. Just send an email to: chloe@bokel.co.uk.

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