Best 10 Christmas Gifts 2021: A Failsafe Guide

As the countdown to Christmas edges closer, we have complied this easily digestible list of 10 must-have Christmas gift ideas.


As the countdown to Christmas edges closer, for some this can be a stressful time. Who else has a list filled with different types of people to buy presents for? Grandparents, serial moaners, teens, minimalists, you name it. Buying presents for loved ones doesn’t need to feel like you have completed some MI5 mission.

#shopsmall is a movement increasingly sweeping social media. By supporting small brands, like us, you have the opportunity to celebrate and foster local, independent businesses this festive season. To save you time, stress and hassle, we have complied this easily digestible list of 10 must-have Christmas gift ideas, which also allows you to support us as a small business. It’s a win-win situation.

10 Best Christmas Gifts - Coco Chocolatier Bar

10 Best Christmas Gifts for 2021

1. Coco Chocolatier Bar

The perfect indulgent treat for all art and chocolate lovers. COCO – The Art of Chocolate is an artisan chocolatier based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Each mouthwatering product is meticulously crafted with the world’s finest Colombian cocoa, before being enveloped in quirky original designs by independent artists. This has seen the brand collaborate with numerous contemporary artists from across the globe, such as Sir Billy Connolly, Timorous Beasties, Atelier Bingo, William LaChance, Tom Pigeon, and many more. Available in an array of heavenly good flavours, there is at least one everyone on your list will like. Plus, all dark chocolate bars are vegan friendly.

10 Best Christmas Gifts - Mojave Glaze Mug and Hot Chocolate Gift Box Bundle

2. Mojave Glaze Mug and Hot Chocolate Gift Box Bundle

Combining our best selling product, Mojave Glaze Mugs, with Coco Drinking Chocolate, creates a gift that replicates a warm, comforting hug inside a box. The rustic design is created with a reactive glaze technique, inspired by Bohemian style. Specifically match this box to a loved one’s tastes, by selecting from a brown, grey, pink, green, black, or yellow mug. We paired it with a vegan-friendly Coco drinking chocolate made from hand-flaked 61% dark chocolate mixed with rich cocoa powder. The ultimate partner for cold nights this winter.

10 Best Christmas Gifts - Scented Candle Trio Gift Set, by Little Karma Co. LTD

3. Scented Candle Trio Gift Set, by Little Karma Co. LTD

The ideal gift for lovers of Earth, this vegan, handmade gift is an eco-friendly dream. One of our fave gifts this year, a trio set of luxury candles come beautifully packaged. What’s more, they are made from 100% natural wax and pure essential oils, with no added nasties. Scents include Alba (balancing bergamot and rose geranium), Nom (uplifting lemongrass and ginger), and Juniper (grounding cedarwood and fir). A match made in heaven.

10 Best Christmas Gifts - Glass Bud Vases - Set of 3

4. Glass Bud Vases - Set of 3

A stylish, foolproof gift for those who are hard to buy for. Fall in love with the organic shapes of this set of three bud vases. Available in colours olive green, yellow, green, pink, amber, grey, and cobalt blue.

10 Best Christmas Gifts - Balancing Bergamot & Rose Refillable Midi Candle 150g, Alba by Little Karma Co. LTD

5. Balancing Bergamot & Rose Refillable Midi Candle 150g, Alba by Little Karma Co. LTD

Missing a loved one? Send them some love, with this vegan Balancing Bergamot & Rose Refillable Midi Candle. It’s handmade in the UK, from 100% natural wax, unbleached wick, and no nasties. A luxe gift even serial moaners will have nothing to complain about. Double up and also get the Luna Calming Lavender & Patchouli Midi Candle. So dreamy.

10 Best Christmas Gifts - Mojave Glaze Grey Oil Burner

6. Mojave Glaze Grey Oil Burner

Introducing another addition to our Mojave Collection, this stunning oil burner is perfect for bringing tranquillity to loved ones’ homes. Inspired by bohemian style, it’s created from a reactive glaze technique. A luxurious gift that doesn’t break your bank balance. What’s not to love?

10 Best Christmas Gifts - Selfcare Gift Box

7. Selfcare Gift Box

With uncertainty surrounding another lockdown, don’t worry about getting presents to loved ones on time. Our eco-friendly gift box bundles are the perfect treat to send directly to anyone on your list this Christmas. This one features a Calming Lavender & Patchouli Refillable Midi Candle by Little Karma Co. LTD, and a Coco Cold Brew Coffee Dark Chocoate Bar. Incredibly versatile, match this gift to a loved ones taste by selecting from a range of other Coco Bars, and swap the candle for a Balancing Bergamot & Rose one. Just click here to mix and match.

10 Best Christmas Gifts - Blue Diamond Twill Blanket Throw

8. Blue Diamond Twill Blanket Throw

You can never have too many throws in a home, right? A cosy gift to help see loved ones through winter, it pairs perfectly with our Mojave Mugs, or Coco Drinking Chocolate. Also available in black, yellow, pink, and green. Get one for each recipient on your list!

10 Best Christmas Gifts - Mojave Collection Gift Box

9. Mojave Collection Gift Box

Our Mojave Collection has been astonishingly popular this year. That’s why we have created this ultimate gift box containing one Mojave Glazed Mug and Vase. Not keen on black? Also available in yellow, brown, pink, and grey. Packaged in an eco-friendly gift box, let us do the hard work and send it directly to loved ones’ homes.

10 Best Christmas Gifts - Pink Collection Gift Box

10. Pink Collection Gift Box

A must-have gift for all lovers of pink. Comprised of our bestselling Pink Mojave Mug, Coco Salted Caramel Chocolate Bar, and Mini Little Karma Co Vanilla Christmas Candle. Nestled inside an eco-friendly box, this powerhouse gift is the ultimate treat for loved ones this Christmas.

A final note

Who else is feeling apprehensive about Christmas? You are not alone. After last year, many of us stayed at home and sacrificed precious time with family and friends. With uncertainty looming over this year’s situation and whether things will be different, buying gifts can feel even more daunting. Therefore, we recommend striving to purchase gifts that promote self-care, positivity, warmth, comfort, and so on. For those people you may not see this festive season, our gift boxes can be sent directly to their homes to simulate a warm festive greeting. Spread love and happiness this Christmas with Bokel. Shop our full Christmas Gift Collection here.

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